Travel Tips

There are no four seasons?
A Sub Tropical climate?
It rains?
Tropical thunderstorms?

How do you pack when you are on your way to our Sunshine State?

What to wear when want to visit our Everglades National Park?
What to wear when you want to partake in Miami’s clubbing scene?

How to make the most out of your Concierge and the services they provide?

Palm Tree along Ocean Drive

Palm Tree along Ocean Drive, Photo by Andrew Kaufman

On a daily basis Concierges give travel tips and advice, just to assure that our guests have an overall successful experience and make the most out of their visit. We also value their time and would hate it for them to come back disappointed because we did not advise them of all practical details. We will be gladly sharing some of our travel tips. Some are secrets, most of them are common sense, but easily overlooked when making travel plans and you can only think of Miami’s beaches and palm trees and that Sub Tropical climate. We understand all of this and that is why we are here!

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