Did you know…..

That Julia Tuttle, considered the Mother of Miami, founded our city and was not allowed (as all women in those days) to vote when the City of Miami was incorporated in 1896?

That Brickell Avenue is named after the Brickell Family who operated an Indian trading post on the south bank of the Miami River?

View of Brickell Avenue

View of Downtown Miami where Julia Tuttle once had her home and where the City of Miami was incorporated, Photo by Andrew Kaufman

That the Cape Florida Lighthouse in Key Biscayne was the last stop of the Underground Railroad?

That Stiltsville, an area with homes built on stilts in Key Biscayne National Park, was where alcohol was made and hidden during the Days of Prohibition?

That in the early 1900’s, an acre of land on Miami Beach cost 16 cents?

That the Venetian Causeway was the first bridge (then, made out of wood) to connect Miami’s mainland with Miami Beach?

That Wynwood, now known for its avant-garde art galleries and world class private art collections, formerly was Miami’s factory and warehouse district?

That Hearts of Palms were once called Swamp Cabbage and that Stonecrabs are a Florida delicacy and a sustainable seafood?

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