Once upon a time, the red telephone booth at the former Van Dyke Cafe, Lincoln Road, SoBE

Once upon a time, the red telephone booth at the former Van Dyke's Cafe on Lincoln Road, Photo by Andrew Kaufman

If you need a Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, a Cigarette Boat, Azimut Yacht, a Helicopter, an airplane, a limousine, are struck by Miami Heat fever, want to dine at Prime 112, Casa Tua, Zuma, Juvia, The Bazaar, have to have that Hermes Bag, have fallen in love with a girl who will not leave Miami and move to London with you unless she can bring her pet tiger along, want to surprise your loved one with champagne, chocolate and flowers, need caviar on a Sunday morning at 7AM, have forgotten your tie, cufflinks, belt, socks and dress shoes, do not know how to tie your bow tie that you did bring after all, need crazy glue, think that the coconut trees look better in Miami than in the Middle East and therefore need to take some trees home with you, need a confidante, a friend, a listener, want to see a panther in the Florida Everglades, want to wrestle with an alligator – all at your own risk of course, and where are those famous pink flamingo’s by the way, need an adaptor, blackberry charger, the latest iPhone, iPad or anything Apple, or just an apple to bite in, want to visit all of Miami Vice’s locations or CSI Miami’s for that matter, lost your passport, forgot your cell phone in a yellow taxi and all taxis happen to be yellow, you made it to Miami, but your luggage did not and is still somewhere at the airport in London, Paris or Rome, got a speeding ticket while driving that red Ferrari Spider, need a Chinese translator, a German speaking baby sitter, are looking for a HongKong Orchid Tree in Miami, need to send a Christmas hamper to a business client in the real city of HongKong, want to dine at a restaurant where you have dined before, which was something called Blue, but the restaurant looked mostly white (at least in your memories), and need a pair of dress shoes too because you only brought your sneakers and you can’t show up at that blue white fancy trendy restaurant in sneakers, will be visiting Milan in a week and want to see Davinci’s Last Supper and you just realized that you should have bought your admission ticket a year ago because all tickets are sold out, need someone that is always looking out for your best interests, someone that will do his or her utmost to make your visit to Miami a most enjoyable and memorable one, someone that is kind, always smiling, always delighted to hear from you, someone that knows all mall hours, bus routes, bus fares and what the weather will be for today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, this year and next year, please call upon your hotel Concierge. Otherwise email us!