Concierge ABC

A Concierge is who you go to when you want a dinner reservation at the best restaurant in town.
A Concierge can get you VIP entry into the best nightclubs.
A Concierge is your confidant when you need something complex and private handled.
A Concierge can get you out of a pickle in no time at all.
A Concierge can handle arrangements and details the likes of a wedding consultant or private butler.
A Concierge is a know-it-all.
A Concierge is your local friend in your home away from home.
A Concierge knows everyone necessary in order to get you what you wish. As long as what you wish for is legal and ethical.

The life of a Concierge is always in motion, they are always learning something new, something interesting, and partaking in the most outrageous events.

They have the best jobs! Everyone seems to be enamored with the Concierge profession. A Concierge has the pulse on their city and knows all the “ins and outs” of what to do, where to go, and when to do it.

A Concierge represents personalized, detailed service. A Concierge makes the impossible possible. At any time of the day, a Concierge will guide you to a product or a service, from a cell phone charger to shipping coconut trees across the world. A Concierge answers questions, fulfills requests, solves problems efficiently, gracefully, with an eye for detail and full of flair.

In Europe, Concierges have been long known to be discreet providers of service at many levels. Historically, the word Concierge is derived from French and means “keeper of the keys,” of a house or mansion or even a prison. Concierges knew every single detail of what transpired in their respective property and were the most discreet and respectful confidants of the owners.

As the centuries have passed, the Concierge blossomed into a larger scale and was the key to success at the best hotels in Europe. Eventually, many great European Concierges merged their thinking and created a society where they shared relationships in order to attain the highest levels of service across Europe for their frequent guests. This society is known as the Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hôtels or Les Clefs d’Or. Today its members symbolize the utmost in professionalism and service. All have embraced the Clefs d’Or motto: “In Service through Friendship” and wear its logo, the crossed golden keys, proudly on the lapels of their uniforms.

How may I be of service? At the Concierge Desk with the Les Clefs d'Or keys, Photo by Kiki van Bilsen.

How may I be of service? At the Concierge Desk with the Les Clefs d’Or keys, Photo by Kiki van Bilsen.

With its roots in Europe, the Concierge was a little-known profession in the USA for many decades. Guests had no idea how to pronounce the word, let alone did they knew what it is was that the Concierge did. Now, many still take the skills and knowledge of a Concierge for granted, but it is important to know that with a Concierge you are in good hands. A Concierge can go far beyond a simple Google search and can surprise you at every turn. A Concierge is an amenity, a non-profit service provider (as their salary is based partly on your generosity), and they will always look out for your best interests.

When you travel, isn’t it refreshing and a relief to know you have a friend, a confidant to welcome you? A Concierge will take into consideration the time you have and your interests. They will find the best way to fulfill your vacation time or business trip and plan your itinerary. Imagine leaving the details, the traffic, road closures, the construction in big cities, the hours of operation, the hassles in someone else’s hand. Imagine having an itinerary made just for you that is viable and gives you the local’s perspective on all the best to visit, see, taste, smell, sample, and savor of the local flavors. A Concierge can take you there!

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