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Rolling thru Miami’s Food Truck’s

Miami locals are on the scene following and participating in the latest food truck craze and it is good! If you are a visitor to our city, you should definitely get in on the action if you like things easy and not too fussy. I have seen up to 25-30 food trucks offering everything from delicious taco’s to cupcakes to braised pork with tater tots. Some of Miami’s best chef’s have come up with very creative fast and healthy gourmet street food that is sure to tempt anyone’s palate. Their locations are in local neighborhoods ranging from Downtown, North Miami, Kendall and so forth. Let’s hit the road and search for your next memorable grub…

MSC Food Truck

The mischievous Ms. Cheezious, coined Miami's sexiest food truck, Photo by Ms. Cheezious / Gary James.

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