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Stone Crabs, a Florida Delicacy

Stone crabs are a Florida delicacy. They are named for their hard, stony, rust-colored shells. If you happen to visit Miami during stone crab season, which runs from October 15 through May 15, they are a must try. Stone crabs mean as much to our state as the blue soft-shell crab does to Maryland or the lobster to Maine.

What makes stone crabs ecologically interesting, is that their claws regenerate. When the stone crab is caught, the fisherman only takes one claw. He then releases the stalk-eyed crustacean back into the water and a new claw will grow back in 12 to 18 months. Stone crabs can regenerate their claws three to four times. The Monterey Bay Aquarium considers the Florida stone crab fishery sustainable and a “Best Choice.” Like we mentioned, going green, being green, is easy and fun and this time, it is delicious too.

Stone Crabs

Stone crabs are a Florida delicacy and sustainable seafood, Photo by Andrew Kaufman.

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Food and Drink, Local Flavors, Miami, Seafood

There is no Ché in Ceviche

You may be wondering, what does an Argentine know about ceviche? Truthfully, lots! There is no doubt that meat is in my blood (in fact I may share some of my fave steak places soon!), but give me a taste or choice for ceviche and the ché is all but gone! Well, for the course of dinnertime at least.

Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road, South Beach

Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road, Photo by Andrew Kaufman.

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