NE (Nina Eberlijn)
Concierges are masters of planning, logistics and creating guests’ travel itineraries. We like to plan ahead, but we always tell our guests to keep some time open in their travel itinerary. One day, you might want to sleep in and finish reading those magazines that you brought with you on the airplane. Another day, you might want to return to that particular neighborhood, called Wynwood. On your earlier visit, a few days ago, you found its street art murals so colorful and so bright, just like the Miami sky and sunlight. Now you are curious what more is there to see and do in Wynwood.

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A No Agenda Adventure

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Magical Ice Cream Days

With year round sunshine, it is always a great time for ice cream in Miami. This is very different from the Netherlands, the country I grew up in. Ice cream stores are only open in the summer and close for the winter months.

I am extremely fond of ice cream. It especially reminds me of my childhood summers and walking to the local Italian ice cream shop around the corner. It was my first ever paying job when I was 16 year old. I was hired according to the owner, because I looked Italian enough even though I did not understand anything of what he or his Italian speaking family were saying. The great thing about working at an ice cream store was having ice cream every day! After that summer, I also ended up with some big muscles in my right arm from all the scooping I did.

The Frieze

The Frieze with their frieze style logo, just of Lincoln Road in South Beach, Photograph by Andrew Kaufman.

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Knock-Out Gnocchi

Ah, la bella Italia…. I am fully enamoured by this awe-inspiring country’s landscapes, its sexy & stylish people, and the most delicious food on earth. If my birth certificate didn’t say Argentina, I would have guessed I was born in Italy, probably in a little town called Sperlonga. If it weren’t for Italian cuisine, I don’t know where I’d be today…for its value as the most delicious food and also the fact that it’s my only fort√© in the kitchen (much to my boyfriend’s enjoyment). As much as I love to make great pasta though, I (like most women, I think) much prefer to go out and enjoy someone else’s home-made cooking.¬† Thankfully, Miami offers some of the best Italian I have come across from San Francisco to New York, and from Argentina all the way to Italy.

Gnocchi Bolognese at La Lupa di Roma

Gnocchi Bolognese at La Lupa di Roma, Photo by Andrew Kaufman.

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