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Polly Lux de Hirsch Meyer

The sun moved above the horizon, a small group of ibis poked around in the wet grass and green parrots chirped in the coconut palms overhead. Homeless worked furiously to snooze a few more minutes while Nikes tapped past their heads on early morning jogs. Cafes on Ocean Drive served the first customers of the day and a small group of tourists in Lummus Park studied the architecture in the warm morning light. Their intense curiosity about how so many buildings had been built during the depths of the Great Depression, when supposedly everyone in America was broke, required an explanation.

Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel, vintage postcard, courtesy of the Miami Design Preservation League.

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Footnotes with Kevin Doran, History, In the Know, Miami

Footnotes with Kevin Doran

Tour Guides, like Concierges, have ongoing love affairs with their cities. In everyday events and every new thing they recognize the historic conditions that made it possible and the possibilities they imply for the future. And they love to connect the dots! The dots paint a picture of the soul of the city that is always complete but never completed. Like the Buddhist proverb that says a man never steps in the same river twice, one thing that is certain is that Miami is never static.

Kevin Doran Two Foot Tours

Kevin Doran, cultural and heritage tour guide, teacher and founder of Two Foot Tours.

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