Body Mind Soul

To stay calm and centered, in times of great demand, turmoil, travel, or think about being a Concierge who has to answer two phone calls, preferably before the fourth ring, all at the same time while also directing a guest to the bathrooms and speaking to another guests about a wedding proposal (attention to detail is of essence here), is something that we experience on a daily basis.

Sea Star

Sea Star, Photo by Andrew Kaufman

How do we maintain our mental and emotional composure and our always positive disposition? Why do we always smile? Why does the Concierge seem to have a limitless supply of patience? What is the Concierge’s secret to a happy, healthy, fulfilled and adventurous life?

Many of us practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, meditation or enjoy reading the Dhammapada. Another way is to pamper yourself with massages, facials, manicures, pedicures. Visit any of our top spa’s and let a deep relaxation take over. Forget time and the many things on your to-do-list. Leave Miami revitalized, reenergized, ready to take on anything.

Your body is your temple, cherish it.
Your mind has no limitations, expand it.
Your soul is immortal, worship it.

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